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Weekend in Connecticut

Earlier this month, Rachelle and I visited her brother Philip and his family in Connecticut. As we prepared for our trip, we heard that wintery weather was on its way both to Tennessee and then on up to the New York area. So we decided to leave town as soon after work as we could, and make it as far north as possible that evening to stay ahead of the white stuff. We stopped in northern Virginia without seeing any snow. So far, so good…

The next morning, we awoke to discover a blanket of 2 inches of snow covering the ground and our car. We packed up and headed on, determined to get into Connecticut as early as possible to avoid driving in any more snow than necessary. The interstate was fairly clear of snow and ice–well, the right lane, at least; the passing lane had a slushy mix that made passing other vehicles a risky proposition. After about an hour, we crossed the state line into West Virginia, and must have crossed an invisible boundary, as the sky cleared, the sun appeared and the snow completely disappeared, except for what we brought with us on our vehicle.

We managed to arrive at my brother-in-law’s house well in advance of the storm. So, we hunkered down and waited for the snow to come. And it did come–about sixteen inches of the white stuff fell on my brother-in-law’s neighborhood.

I have posted some photos from our trip to Flickr. You can view them in my photoset on Flickr.