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More London News

Bloggers following the story of the latest bombings in London:


More: Jeff Quinton (links to other news sources), Captain’s Quarters, Tim Worstall (via Glenn Reynolds), The Counterterrorism Blog (via Michelle Malkin).


Lorie Byrd describes John Howard’s reply to a reporter’s question about the speculation that this attack and the one two weeks ago were related to the Iraq War.

Until then I will just say that he told the reporter that the war on terror would be lost if we ever started deciding the foreign policies of our countries according to what terrorists dictated. He pointed out many of the terrorist attacks that had taken place prior to the action in Iraq. He specifically cited Australia’s action in East Timor which was given by bin Laden as the reason behind an earlier attack on Australians and asked it that meant they should not have intervened in East Timor. He said that the evidence showed that the action in Iraq was not the start of terrorist attacks and that questions like the reporter’s were not based on evidence, but on supposition. Howard reminded me of a wise old man patiently lecturing a child who had just asked an incredibly stupid question.

Here’s a direct link to the C-SPAN video of the press conference (requires RealPlayer). And here’s CNN video of the press conference (requires Windows Media Player).

The Anchoress links to this transcript of Howard’s remarks. Also read: Everything that came before Iraq War.


Reid Stott has some thoughts on today’s events in London.

Background information from Hyscience (via Michelle Malkin) on the explosive used in the London bombs.

Charles Johnson links to a Times Online article, which quotes a terrorism expert speculating that the same terrorist cell is responsible for both London attacks. The article also details some speculation about the reason this attack was less succesful. Stephen Taylor also points to an AP story noting the differences in the two events.