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When Bigger Is Better

When can I get one of these?

My first computer (actually it belonged to my father) was an IBM PC, which didn’t even have a hard drive. When my dad added a second floppy drive (5.25 inch, of course), I thought that was awesome, because it meant no more having to remove the OS disk to put in another disk with whatever I really wanted to do. Eventually, we added a hard drive – though I don’t remember its capacity, I’ll bet it was pretty small. When my dad replaced that computer, he bought one with a 256 MB hard drive, and I thought we’d never outgrow it, and of course, we did. Over that computer’s life, we upgraded various parts of it: adding a 3.5 inch floppy drive, adding memory, upgrading the processor (from a Intel 286 to a 386), etc. When I went off to college, that computer became my hand-me-down. Eventually, I outgrew it and replaced its motherboard, processor, memory, video card and hard drive. It was my computer version of Frankenstein. I still have that machine, though it has been upgraded a couple more times since. My wife and I use it as an MP3 jukebox connected to our stereo and TV in our living room.

Now I have 30 and 40 GB hard drives that I am in the process of filling up. Some day, I’ll probably replace my Frankenstein machine with a newer version.