Abstract Musings

Documenting the random thoughts of a cluttered mind


Earlier this weekend, I turned on the new design of my blog. The biggest change is that my blogs are now powered by WordPress. Also, I have moved my blog, Abstract Musings, to it’s own subdomain, blog.robbyedwards.com. I was aggregating the content on the front page of my old blog and it seemed a bit cluttered, so I wanted to clean the layout a bit while still sharing the content from my multiple blogs on the site’s homepage. Also, through the magic of .htaccess and Apache, all the links to the old Movable Type files should automatically forward to the new WordPress permalinks.

I also added header navigation for the main elements of the site. It is included on most of the pages and should make getting around the site a bit easier. One note, the ‘Archives’ link in the top navigation points to the Archive for the particular blog you are viewing, but other than that all the links go to the same pages regardless of where you are in the site.

I still have a bit of clean up work to do in a few places, but the new designs were mostly ready to go, so I decided to go ahead and make the switch. Let me know if you encounter any problems.