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Empire State Building, July 2005

In July 2005, Rachelle and I paid a visit to the Empire State Building.

Empire State Building
I was standing at the intersection of Broadway, Avenue of the Americas and 34th Street when I took this photo.

Inside the Empire State Building
This is just inside the building at the Fifth Avenue entrance near the area where the line to the 86th floor begins.

After spending an hour or so in line, we made it to the 86th floor Observation Deck. Unfortunately for us, it was rainy, which made for poor viewing conditions. However, it was still incredible. This photo is facing south, looking at Downtown Manhattan.

West Side
Here’s a photo of the West Side. Macy’s is along the lower right hand side, and Madison Square Garden is the circular building (mostly) obscured from view on the left.

The corner of Broadway and 34th Street in front of Macy’s, where I took this photo.

34th & Broadway
The Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade is televised from the green strip of road in front of the store.

Macys, Again
Another view of Macy’s.

Madison Square Garden
Here’s a close-up of the only part of Madison Square Garden that was visible to us.

Queen Mary 2
The Queen Mary 2 was in town. We drove past it on the way into the city. It is a big ship.

Looking North
I have no idea what is in this photo. I just recall that I was looking north.

Facing North
This is another view looking northwards. Central Park is barely visible in the distance.

Chrysler Building Close-up
Here’s the top of the Chrysler Building.

Chrysler Building, Take Two
This is a view of the East Side skyline with the Chrysler, Metlife and the United Nations buildings.

East Side Skyline
Another photo of the East Side.

The United Nations Building
Lastly, this is a close-up of the United Nations building.

Vandals Target Family of Slain Soldier

Not much to say about this, except it is sad when the sight of an American flag drives someone so crazy that they would burn them under a car. (Via Captain’s Quarters)

This follows on the heels of Pennsylvania’s Lt. Governor arriving uninvited to push her anti-war views at the funeral for a Marine. Michelle Malkin also has a follow-up on the Governor’s response. Also, check out today’s Day By Day cartoon.

What is it about some people whose political views drive them to commit such boorish acts?