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President Bush Enlists Help

President Bush today called on his father – former president George Bush – and former President Bill Clinton to undertake a nationwide fundraising effort on behalf of the victims of the Indonesian earthquake and tsunami. Betsy Newmark wonders if anybody else noticed who was left out of ”the Ex-President Charity effort for the tsunami victims.”

I can’t say I noticed that omission, but Reuters did.

“The devastation in the region defies comprehension,” President Bush said in Washington, eight days after an earthquake drove huge waves across the Indian Ocean, killing 145,000 from Thailand to Somalia and leaving millions homeless, hungry or threatened by deadly diseases.

“I ask every American to contribute as they are able to do so,” said Bush, in a joint appeal with former presidents George Bush, his father, and Bill Clinton.

The scale of the disaster prompted Bush to put together the rare coalition of ex-presidents to mount the nationwide fund-raising drive.

Jimmy Carter, an ex-president with a long history in humanitarian efforts, and who was critical of Bush in last year’s presidential campaign, was not invited to participate.