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Yanukovych's Election Challenges Thrown Out

Ukrainian Prime Minister Yanukovych’s challenge of the Ukrainian presidential election result has been rejected by the Ukrainian Supreme Court. Although, he seems committed to further legal action.

Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovich’s bid to overturn his liberal rival’s victory in a presidential election lay in tatters on Thursday after Ukraine’s Supreme Court threw out his complaints.

With West-leaning Viktor Yushchenko already discussing his post-election program, Yanukovich suffered a further blow when the Central Election Commission threw out his objections about voting irregularities.

Yet he has refused to bow to opponents’ demands to quit. Although, Yushchenko holds a lead of about eight percentage points in the preliminary count, a Yanukovich aide said new legal challenges were planned once the poll’s result is officially published.

As the article states, the Central Election Commission has also rejected a complaint by Yanukovych over voting irregularities.