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Re-reading Novels

Via Stephen Bainbridge, I stumbled upon Hugh Hewitt’s post about twice (or more) read novels. So without further ado, I present a list of some of the books I have read more than once.

I am particularly fond of I, Robot, which I was introduced to by my dad when I was 12 and home sick from school. It was the first of many science fiction novels and anthologies that I have read. I also particularly like Larry Niven’s short stories. I tend to like short stories, in general, which I find to be less common as a literary form.

Most of these books I read as a child, either purely for enjoyment or as a school requirement, but found myself fond enough with them to invest the time to reread them. One of the exceptions is Pride and Prejudice, which I bought for my wife a few years ago, after we watched the movie version (which is an excellent adaption of the book). I wanted to read the book as a comparison with the movie, and to clarify some events which aren’t clear in the film version. I discovered, much to my surprise, to have enjoyed it quite a bit. That book along with Last of the Mohicans and A Tale of Two Cities are great for getting a picture of life in a historical period–one of the reasons I have reread them all.