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MSN Spaces

The other day I posted about Microsoft’s forthcoming blog service. Well, it’s here and it is called MSN Spaces. It is more than just a blog tool. I created my own space and played around with it a bit.

Overall, like any Microsoft effort, the first version isn’t anything to be terribly excited about, but I expect that it will improve over time given Microsoft’s track record. The rule of thumb is that it takes them three tries to get something right/done well/usable or as close to that as they can make it.

Redmond has also developed a web-based version of its IM client, Messenger. This has potential, because it allows the use of Messenger without having to download a client. Pretty cool. And it works in Firefox, as well.

(From Instapundit) More on MSN Spaces at Boing Boing and BuzzMachine.