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Latest PEST Sighting

Yet more members of the reality based community refuse to accept Kerry’s loss:

Led by a coalition representing the Green and Libertarian parties, the dissidents are paying for recounts in each of Ohio’s 88 counties that will begin this week. The recount is not expected to be complete until next week.

“John Kerry conceded so early in the process that it’s maddening,” said Kat L’Estrange of We Do Not Concede, an activist group born after the election that believes Kerry was the real winner in Ohio and nationally.

L’Estrange, Susan Truitt of the Columbus-based Citizens Alliance for Secure Elections, and others demanded that the electoral vote be put off until the recount is completed.

“In Ohio, there has not been a final determination. Therefore, any meeting of the Electoral College in Ohio prior to a full recount would in fact be an illegitimate gathering,” said John Bonifaz of the National Voting Rights Institute.

This quote from the end of the story sums it up nicely: “‘It’s a shame they do not believe in the honesty and the professional people working the polls,’ said Mumper. ‘I just think they are sore losers and money and time (for the recount) could be spent on other things.’”

Fortunately, saner people are handling things in Ohio.

As members of the Electoral College met across the nation to affirm the results of last month’s election, the 20 GOP electors in Ohio voted unanimously for Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney.

“The vast majority of people understand this election is over,” said Gov. Bob Taft, who was at the electors’ voting session in the state Senate chamber.

UPDATE: Captain Ed has discovered a similar occurrence of PEST in Arizona.