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Voice of Reason

Lawrence Lessig has some advice for Kerry supporters.

He is our President – legitimately, and credibly.

Our criticism of this administration must now focus narrowly and sharply: on the policies, not on the credibility of the man.

The Democrats would be wise to avoid the shrill behavior of the last four years. It served no purpose, other than to alienate their party from a large percentage of the populace. To continue with such behavior when Bush was decisively elected, will result, I think, in the further marginalization of the Democratic party. In short, I agree with Lessig that they must focus on criticizing the President’s policies and not his motivation for those policies, or his lack of legitimacy.

Read the comments too. There is some reflection going on over there. Perhaps, these are the first small steps toward the revitalization of the Democratic party.

UPDATE: It seems I might have been too optimistic when I posted this. Glenn Reynolds has written yesterday and today about some examples of Kerry supporters expressing both disapproval with and contempt for those who voted against their candidate.