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Military-Friendly Employers

Via Blackfive, I found a link to a list on Intel Dump of the 25 most military-friendly employers in America (as rated by G.I. Jobs Magazine).

I want to acknowledge to a local company not on the list: HGTV. Home & Garden Television (the cable channel headquartered here in Knoxville) employs a friend of mine, a member of the Tennessee National Guard, who was called up for active duty several weeks ago. As I write this, my friend has been in Iraq for about a week. HGTV is generously paying the difference between his salary at HGTV and his Army pay, and has also provided him with a laptop, so he can watch DVDs and receive email from his family and friends while deployed, without having to borrow somebody else’s computer or wait for one.

It’s little things like this that will help my friend and his wife (they’ve been married just over a year) get through the next 12 months. So the next time, you’re channel surfing and you bypass – I mean stop to watch – HGTV, just remember, somebody (actually, I’m sure it is a lot of somebodies) over there gets it, and as a company, HGTV is doing right by at least one of our men in Iraq, and his family back here.